Within this Free On-Line course, I'll be taking you through the same exact steps that I personally use & do within all my quilts.

This step I personally believe everyone should add into the process of their quilt making. The benefits from this simple process of "washing n blocking" your quilt, to having it hanging square, flat & straight, will draw the judges eyes, bring ohhs & ahhs from your friends & a sense of pure achievement from yourself!

Washing & blocking your quilt once finished, will give even more results & to your quilts.

This is a step that very few people know or understand about, & the results from doing this step is absolutely amazing!

I personally Wash & Block all my quilts whether they're for major exhibiting, teaching in a class or for personal use, as the results from doing this very last step within the creation of the quilt is magnificent

What then is "Washing & Blocking" a quilt, actually?

Washing and Blocking a quilt will make your quilt look even more amazing than it already does, as just one of the end results of this very simple process, your beautiful quilts will be nicely in shape and laying or hanging square & flat!

With saying this, this process will "Not" fix an out of square or shape quilt, as that is a sewing fault in itself, but within this easy blocking process which is actually very simple once you know how, your quilt will hang better, creases will be gone, it'll look magnificent when judges are looking at quilts when judging, it'll hang nice and square, etc, etc. Washing & Blocking your quilt will be like "icing on the cake"

Some frequently asked questions about washing & blocking a quilt.

  • Do I need anything special for Washing & Blocking my quilts?

    For the majority of the "washing & blocking " of your quilt, you really don't need anything too special, as most of the needed things like a bucket, a bath or a laundry trough, etc everyone will have, but there are a couple of items that are a little more specialised, but I clearly show you these items within the on-line course itself. We also use some masking tape, and then possibly some packaging tape.

  • What about the different fabrics within different quilts?

    This is a fantastic question and when I'm at shows or doing talks etc, many people are often quite horrified that I wash my quilts. I've washed my quilts many times over the years and I do talk about the fabrics within the course but personally I always only wash my quilts made out of 100% cotton fabrics. My 100% cotton fabrics are always washed in straight hot water as soon as they come into my house.

  • How long does this process take from start to finish?

    This is a difficult question to answer as each & every quilt is a different size to be working on, every quilt will also be of a different thickness to other quilts. I wash & block all my quilts starting from an A4 size piece right up to my 3 mt square quilts. , which means they will all take a different time to do the blocking and also the drying of my thick trapunto quilts with lots of added applique.

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What People Are Saying About This Course.

“ Thank you Rose for your wonderful class on washing ‘n’ blocking a quilt. I knew how to do it but to see you actually do it all the way through was fabulous, especially your beautiful appliquéd quilt in the bathtub then spinner. It’s truly the best I’ve seen on blocking.”

MaryAnne Girouard - Guelph Ontario - Canada

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    Hello & Welcome to How to Wash N Block a Quilt

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    Let's Get Started

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    Working On A4 Piece Lady in Red

    • H to WnB 3. Marking Out This Small A4 Quilt Piece

    • H to WnB 4. Washing This Small A4 piece

    • H to WnB 5. Blocking the A4 Quilt

  • 6

    Working On 20 X 20 ins Piece Feather Delight

    • H to WnB 6. Marking out Feather Delight

    • H to WnB 7. Pinning & Blocking Feather Delight

    • H to WnB 8. The Final Pinning of Feather Delight

    • H to WnB 9. Drying the Small Quilts

    • H to WnB 10. Removing the Pins

  • 7

    Joining the Large Foil Boards Together

    • H to WnB 11. Joining the Large Foil Boards Together

  • 8

    Washing This 3 mt Quilt "A Caterpillars Dream"

    • H to WnB 12. Washing A Caterpillars Dream in Bath

    • H to WnB 13. Time to Move Quilt From Bath to Laundry

  • 9

    Blocking & Pinning "A Caterpillars Dream"

    • H to WnB 14. Starting the Blocking & Pinning of Large Quilt

    • H to WnB 15. Removing Pins & A Guided Quilt Journey of This Quilt

  • 10

    Showing After Blocking & How I Created This Quilt

    • H to WnB 16. Showcasing the Quilt After Blocking & How I Created This Quilt

  • 11

    The Final Lesson -How to Fold A Quilt to Reduce Fold & Crease Lines

    • H to WnB 17. How to Fold a Quilt to Reduce Fold & Crease Lines

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How to Wash "N" Block a Quilt Instructor

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Rose Lewis

Hello, I’m Rose Lewis, & I absolutely love teaching my many different & varied quilting techniques to lovely people just like yourself, all around the world. I love helping students explore & develop their own personal inner talents & passions that have often been hidden within them, often unknown to them. I like to instil an awareness & awaken them into a new way of looking at what they’re creating. I bring with me a huge amount of contiguous enthusiasm, creativeness & inspiration. I first started sewing on my mother’s treadle sewing machine many years ago. I went on to sew my clothes, then my children’s clothes, curtains, hemming & mending. In approx 1984 patchwork came to Australia, so a new journey begun. I’ve sewn many techniques over the years, but I specialise in applique that looks like needleturn but is all sewn on the sewing machine, trapunto, thread painting, fabric painting & other brilliant techniques. I’ve won many awards & ribbons over the years and been up in the running for Best of Australia several times, I’ve taught in-person classes in many parts of Australia, I written for one of the biggest quilting magazines in the UK, having my own regular pages as well as doing some feature articles for quite a while. I’ve also been featured in many quilting & country style magazines & I’ve been interviewed live on ABC country radio several times. I’ve been guest artist & speaker at many quilting shows & events and also written several books….and the list keeps growing. I love teaching & inspiring people just like yourself, with my creativeness, inspiration & enthusiasm. So, come & join me on this journey of learning with me through on-line classes, even if you’re a beginner & you’ll feel like I’m sitting right beside you in your sewing room. Be inspired, Be creative.

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    Correct, and I'm very apologetic to those in the UK but I made the decision that with the new laws that came into effect on 1.01.2021, I would no longer be selling to the UK. You're still welcome to receive my weekly newsletters that go out every Wednesday that are full of all sorts of things to help you within your quilting journey. Just go to www.roselewisquilting.com.au to sign up for these.