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Instructor Bio

Hello, I’m Rose Lewis, & I absolutely love teaching my many different & varied quilting techniques to lovely people just like yourself, all around the world.

I love helping students explore & develop their own personal inner talents & passions that have often been hidden within them, often unknown to them. I like to instil an awareness & awaken them into a new way of looking at what they’re creating. I bring with me a huge amount of contiguous enthusiasm, creativeness & inspiration.

I first started sewing on my mother’s treadle sewing machine many years ago. I went on to sew my clothes, then my children’s clothes, curtains, hemming & mending. In approx 1984 patchwork came to Australia, so a new journey begun. I’ve sewn many techniques over the years, but I specialise in applique that looks like needleturn but is all sewn on the sewing machine, trapunto, thread painting, fabric painting & other brilliant techniques.

I’ve won many awards & ribbons over the years and been up in the running for Best of Australia several times, I’ve taught in-person classes in many parts of Australia, I written for one of the biggest quilting magazines in the UK, having my own regular pages as well as doing some feature articles for quite a while. I’ve also been featured in many quilting & country style magazines & I’ve been interviewed live on ABC country radio several times. I’ve been guest artist & speaker at many quilting shows & events and also written several books….and the list keeps growing.

I love teaching & inspiring people just like yourself, with my creativeness, inspiration & enthusiasm.  So, come & join me on this journey of learning with me through on-line classes, even if you’re a beginner & you’ll feel like I’m sitting right beside you in your sewing room. Be inspired, Be creative.  

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Welcome to the course!

    • Introduction to "Down in the Apple Orchard" from Rose

    • Supply List & Information Booklet

  • 2

    Supplies Needed

    • Class Supplies - Overview

    • Class Supplies - Threads

    • Class Supplies - Polystyrene

  • 3

    Tracing Design Onto Ultra Solvy

    • Tracing Your Design

    • How to Join Ultra Solvy

  • 4

    Sewing the Tree

    • Intro to Sewing Our Tree

    • Sewing the First Outline of the Tree

    • Sewing the Second Outline of the Tree

    • Sewing the First Layer of Our Tree

    • A Few Things of what Not to Do

    • Sewing the Second Layer of Our Tree

    • Sewing the Third Layer of Our Tree

    • Sewing the Final Layer of Our Tree

    • Images of The Last Layer

    • Adjustment to Your Tree Roots

  • 5

    2 Choices of Adding the Apples & Leaves OR an autumn leaf tree

    • Choice 1... Adding the Apples & Leaves to Your Tree

    • Choice 2... Adding Autumn Leaves to Your Tree

  • 6

    Polystyrene... Pinning, Washing Out Ultra Solvy & Removing Tree from Polystyrene

    • Pinning Your Tree to The Polystyrene

    • Washing Out the Ultra Solvy

    • Removing the Pins From the Polystyrene

  • 7

    Fabric Layers, Attaching Tree & Quilting

    • Fabric Preparation & Adhering Tree to Top Fabric Layer

    • Sewing the Apple Tree to Your Top Fabric

    • Sewing the Autumn Tree to Your Top Fabric

    • Sewing the Swing, Grass & Apples

    • Layering your wadding & backing fabric

    • Ditch stitching & quilting your quilt

    • Our final lesson

    • A little feedback if you don't mind.

My course teaches quilters & patchworkers a unique way to do thread painting.

There's no fear of damaging your quilt as this is created off the fabric, & attached later. Even those who have never thread painted before will be able to do this.

This unique style & technique of thread painting is something that I developed several years ago, when there was something else that I wanted to create, & with trialing different ideas, etc this is what I came up with and I decided to try it out as a thread painting technique where the design, in this case, the apple tree, is totally created off the fabric and after doing several very unique things to our piece we then attach it to our fabric. I prefer to teach techniques like these on smaller pieces rather than students needing to make a whole quilt. This piece can be as big or small as you choose it to be, but for this course, I've made it just a little larger than an A3 piece of paper. It measures 17"X14" inches. There's also the choice of doing something different to the top of the tree as well, I call it the autumn apple tree. So there's actually two different finishes that you can create. It truly is a lot of fun to do, it's easy & a very freeing technique to sew. Your friends will be amazed at your talent & creativity, so do come and join me to learn this very unique technique now!


  • I've never done thread painting before, will I be able to do this.

    Yes, it's actually easier than you may think & I very gently take you through each step. You'll feel like I'm sitting right beside you in your sewing area all the way through.

  • Do I have to keep up with other students?

    No, not at all. You work through this at your own pace.

  • Is there a time limit on this course?

    No. This course belongs to you and you can come back to it anytime you choose to. You just need to log in and it'll always be there where ever you left it the last time.

  • Will I have to download all the lessons onto my computer?

    No, it's much easier than that. During the purchase you'll create a password where you can then log into and your course & all the lessons & information booklet are already waiting for you.

  • What is the size of this finished piece?

    The included pattern sheet is A4 but you'll need to enlarge this to A3 to make it the same size as mine. Then you'll cut your fabric approx 5 cms bigger than the A3 pattern. You can make this as big or small as you choose to. It's explained within the lesson. My finished piece here is 17 X 14 inches.

  • Does it come with a supply list of what I need?

    Yes, most definitely. You'll have some of the items within your sewing room & the others you can purchase from either my website to make life easy for you, at or your favoured quilting supplier.

  • Will I be able to contact if I need help at all?

    Of course you can. You'll be able to email me, at any time to the email address listed in the course.